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My Compulsion

It all started with this red blank book. My stepdad bought it from a thrift store for 50 cents. I first started using it for my notes for my Master's level electromagnetics...

Before I knew it I started drawing  and writing about my life in it. It became an emotional release from the pressures, the ups and the downs of my life. 

Close to 40 years later, with 20 books under my belt, I find myself getting the itch to get my art our there. 

For the right interest, I can digitize/customize the art, assign an NFT  to it and provide a canvas of it.  
I'd like to hear from you.


PS Why the name? I was as a waiter during college. I used to joke with the kitchen staff. Bad Spanish words may have been used. They would say, "Ai, Pinche Ted"...

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